Delivery Information

General information about shipping:

1. First of all we want to inform you that all orders are shipped within 1-4 days from the moment the money are received. 

2. We send orders 2 times per week. On Wednesday and on Friday.

3. After order is sent, takes 2-5 days to provide track number.

4. All our orders are packaged and sent discreetly.


Delivery time around the world with standard shipping:

- Delivery to European Countries except Scandinavian countries, usual 7-12 days*. For Scandinavian countries usual 14-30 days* and more.

- Delivery to the North American continent countries, usual 7-14 days*.

- Delivery to the South American continent countries, up to usual 14-30 days*.

- Delivery to Australia and Asia, usual21-30 days)*.

- Delivery to African countries, usual up to 30 days*.

* - Sometimes this period may take a little longer.


 Standard Delivery:

- The package will be delivered in 7-14 days (in rare cases 3 weeks) from the moment of sendind the order at your address by mailman. In case you are not at home, he will leave a notice and the package will be hold at the post office until further instructions. 

- The cost for regular shipping to any country is 15€.

- Standard delivery to Slovakia and Hungary take a few days more than usual. Also this delivery method to Italy can takes up to 30 days. We recommend for Italy, delivery with courier.


Steroids Courier Delivery:

- Please do not confuse Courier delivery with Express delivery.

- The package will be delivered at your address in 1-10 days from the moment of sending the order. It will be delivered by courier.

- The cost is 50€, depending on the size and weight of the package and the country of delivery.

- This method of delivery is available only for European countries.



Note !!! 


- If your order is stopped by customs service and was not delivered (the probability is less than 1%), then Buysteroids.Shop will send your order repeatedly. We do this only after we receive from you the notice from customs service from your country. In all case 100% if order is stopped by customs service, you should to receive a notice where you are informed about this. Without this notice we don't send repeatedly your order. This is the only situation when Buysteroids.Shop send orders repeatedly.


- We reccomend you to make medical analyzes before you start using any products. In case of intolerance to a specific product, money are not refunded.


- We reserve the right not to be responsible for your order if you provided erroneous information (address, name, telephone, etc).


- We are also not responsible for your order if it is not picked-up in time from the post office and has been returned. Due to the fact that these products are in the high-risk cathegory, they are not sent back to our warehouse address, therefore, we don't receive them back. They will be considered lost on your responsability.