Anavar 50 – Pharmaqo Labs [50mg/60tabs]


Box = 60 tabs
1tab = 50mg

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Anavar 50 / Oxandrolone – Pharmaqo Labs

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Oxandrolone – an agent in the form of tablets, which is characterized by weak anabolic and low androgenic activity. By using it, we accelerate body regeneration, ATP increase and protein synthesis. It is ideal for martial arts and endurance sports players due to the increase in body strength and endurance. Oxandrolone does not affect the early overgrowth of bony epiphyses, so at a young age we do not have to be afraid of stunting. If we want to achieve a rapid increase in muscle mass, we should not use this steroid. It is ideal for improving the hardness and quality of muscles, and it will help us burn fat and make a perfect sculpture.

We can combine it with clenbuterol, testosterone, nadrolone or boldenone. It can be used by both men and women.

Dosage depends on the player’s level of advancement. The dose should be divided into 2 or 3 servings throughout the day.

Although it is a fairly safe product, it should be remembered that side effects during its prolonged use can also occur, and they are overloaded joints, decreased voice tone in women or liver damage.

Purpose: sculpture, strength, definition

Dosage: 20-50 mg daily

Action: from 2 weeks depending on doses

Cycle length: 4-6 weeks

Detectability: up to 3 weeks

Properties: low androgenic, weak anabolic, low toxicity

HPTA blocking: very low

Unlock: 24 hours after using the last tablet

Aromatization: No.




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