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Methenolone Enanthate 100 Mg/ml

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Primobolan Depot
Primobolan Depot with a concentration of 100mg / ml in a 10ml bottle, has a half-life of 5 days, in that it does not aromatize and the long version in the form of enanthanum ensures a slow and uniform action of the agent in the body.

We wrote a lot about the properties on our website in the Primobolan Acetate section.

Primobolan Depot – application
The use of Primobolan in athletes most often occurs before competitions when they focus more on sculpting the figure than building muscle mass.

When it comes to estrogens, we don’t have to worry about that because primobolan doesn’t convert to them at all.

Primobolan – dosage
The safest dosage is in the range of 100-200mg weekly, which should not affect the testes.

Primobolan Depot is a steroid injected. It also occurs in the form of tablets, however, just when injected, it promotes better anabolic properties and is definitely more safe for the body than when taken in oral form.

Functional description of Primobolan Depot
The main secret of the anabolic action provided by Primobolan Depot is the presence of an active substance called methenolone in its composition. It is he who makes this steroid shape the figure well and improve muscle definition. The injection version ensures slow and even operation. The duration of action and concentration level is similar to Testosterone enanthanum and remains elevated to 2 weeks. Methenolone is a long-acting steroid that has virtually no androgenic properties. The anabolic effect is slightly weaker than in the popular Deca-Durabolin. For this reason, Primabolan is mainly used during the pre-competition definition period, when the main goal is not to increase muscle mass, but to shape it appropriately. Primobolan Depot belongs to the group of reducing steroids.

Primobolan Depot is one of the most delicate steroids on the market. It is especially recommended to people just starting their adventure with bodybuilding, amateurs and women. Great as a means to gently start doping. It is rarely used by professionals and professionals – they usually choose much stronger steroids. Primobolan Depot does not guarantee visible weight gains, so in order to increase the anabolic nature of the entire cycle, which is not too high when using this steroid alone, it is used together with testosterone, dianabol, winstrol or anadrolone.

Primobolan does not convert to estrogens at all. Therefore, it does not show typical undesirable effects. Even very susceptible users should not worry about this. Muscle mass gained using Primobolan is very high quality, without unnecessary water retention.

The combination of Primabolon with Halotestin or Trenbolone promotes high-quality, hard muscle definition. Using it with Winstrol improves the anabolic nature of the cycle and improves definition and minimal increase in muscle mass, with virtually no side effects. If the main goal is to increase weight, then the best effect will be when used together with testosterone and dianabol. In this case, however, side effects may occur, however, the effect of Primobolone reduces the dose of androgen, minimizing the effect of undesirable effects.

Dosage of Primobolan Depot
The body tolerates doses of 100-300mg weekly without major difficulties. While this is sufficient for beginners, people with more experience, after undergoing at least a few steroids, can easily increase the dose to 500-800mg per week. In this case, however, there is a risk of side effects that do not occur at lower doses. For women, a dose of 50-100mg per week is enough to achieve visible gains in muscle mass and significantly improve its definition. Initially, due to the effect achieved, women are recommended to use tablets, and only after some time of use they should switch to injections. The cycle of using Primobolan should not last longer than 8-12 weeks.

Side effects of using Primobolan Depot
Primobolan Depot is a very mild steroid that doesn’t cause any unpleasant changes in the body. Taken at doses of 100-300mg weekly, it does not block the natural production of testosterone, so unblocking PCT after completing the cycle is not required. This necessity only arises when larger quantities are used. In addition, at increased doses, side effects typical of anabolic androgenic steroids, such as alopecia, the appearance of body hair and skin problems, may appear.




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