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For women: it can be
For beginners: it can be
Dosage: 50-100 mg daily or every other day – men, 25 mg every other / third day – women
Side effects: small to medium
Application: reduction, recomposition, strength
Half-life: 24 h [15], for horses up to 82 h at a dose of 0.55 mg / kg [16]
Typical cycle length: 6-8 weeks
Aromatization: no
Method of administration: mix on water, usually at a concentration of 50 mg / ml

Winstrol – characteristics
Stanozolol is a derivative of DHT, or dihydrotestosterone. It is considered a means of slowly building muscle mass and perfectly builds strength. Unfortunately, as with all the best remedies, this is associated with considerable side effects. First of all, Stanozolol is one of the most destructive agents for the blood lipid profile. According to studies by Thompson PD et al.: Administration of 6 mg of Stanozolol daily for 6 weeks caused a decrease in HDL-cholesterol by 33%, and HDL-2 fraction by 71%! For comparison, testosterone (long esters) at a dose of 200 mg weekly reduced HDL levels by 9% (and only selected fraction, HDL3). But that’s not all, LDL (bad cholesterol) levels increased by 29% as a result of Winstrol treatment, and decreased by 16% in athletes who were given testosterone enanthate alone [12]. Conclusions? Winstrol does not have to be cardiovascular friendly and can cause diseases.

Secondly – Injection Winstrol, unlike almost all other injectables, is dangerous to the liver. But here it should be emphasized that in studies, a dose of 12 mg Winstrol in 27 weeks did not significantly increase liver enzymes (ALAT, ASPAT, GGT, bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase) [1]. Unfortunately, the toxicity of Winstrol is correlated with the dose, so the more we give this substance, the more severe the side effects can be. Once again, I emphasize that it is not worth drawing on animal research. There are absurd results there – for example, Winstrol and Boldenon are combined. In turn, others do not contribute much, because it is stated, e.g. that doses of 2 mg and 5 mg Winstrol per kg body weight of the animal cause within 8 weeks an increase in ALAT / ALT (alanine aminotransferase), while only a dose of 5 mg per kg body weight the animal caused an increase in aspAT / AST (aspartate aminotransferase). It should be added that a dose of 5 mg / kg bw it’s really a lot of Winstrol, it would require a man to give 7 days a week for ~ 72 mg per day [16]. As a rule, 50-100 mg is used every other day.

Winstrol – dangerous not only for the liver, but also for the kidneys!
Winstrol can be extremely toxic, causing cholestatic jaundice [17]. One 30-year-old after 20 days of taking 30 mg of Winstrol per day (in tablets) and after 5 weeks of administration probably 100 mg of Winstrol 3x a week (the test was mistakenly written 10 mg, there is no such concentration of Injection Winstrol) – he had early signs of jaundice ( enlarged liver and a set of symptoms typical of the disease). That’s not all – Winstrol also seriously damaged the kidneys – renal tubular degeneration, bile deposition and numerous necrotic areas were found. Protein, blood, glucose were found in the bodybuilder’s urine. Worst of all, blood creatinine levels were more than seven times the norm! Just doubling the blood creatinine index means a 50% reduction in glomerular filtration rate [18]. In addition to the misfortunes, the BUN (blood urea nitrogen, blood urea nitrogen) ratio for men was 182 mg / dL (the norm is up to 20 mg / dL) – which indicates a very poor condition of the kidneys and liver [18]. But the most shocking thing is the total bilirubin result, because the norm was exceeded 48 times (yes, forty-eight times!). The result of direct bilirubin indicates obstruction or occlusion of the bile ducts (it is also shockingly high, being 28 mg / dL, the norm is up to 0.3 mg / dL) [18].

Winstrol can significantly contribute to injury, because … it does not aromatize. Anyway, this is not the only agent having such properties. With minor exceptions, all non-flavoring SAAs can cause similar problems. In the background during treatment with Winstrol you should put at least 200-250 mg testosterone enanthate or Sustanon. It is typical to give enanthate every 5-7 days, 200-250 mg or e.g. cypionate. And here falls the main argument for the use of tablets, because such people usually fear injection.

Winstrol can be used instead of Metanabol because it gives a “dry” mass, while Metanabol retains a lot of water in the body due to strong aromatization. Of course, a change in weight is not everything and should not be suggested without taking into account changes in muscle quality. It is less toxic than Metanabol.

Habscheid W. et al. Describe an interesting case: a 28-year-old (bodybuilder) got jaundice. For nearly 3 months, he took 10-50 mg of Metanabol daily and 50 mg of injectable Winstrol every other day. Despite stopping SAA, the 28-year-old deteriorated over the next seven weeks,


Typical agents used together with Winstrol
testosterone 300-700 mg weekly e.g. enanthate, cypionate, Sustanon,
Nandrolone 300-800 mg per week,
Boldenone 300-800 mg per week,
Primobolan 300-800 mg per week,
Trenbolone 200-300 mg weekly (acetate), 300-400 mg weekly enanthate,
GW-1516 – 20-30 mg per day
T3 – 25-75 mcg per day
ephedrine 30-60 mg daily
Salbumatol 10-20 mg daily + Ketotifen
caffeine 200-500 mg per day
Common side effects of using Winstrol:
reduction of SHBG by up to 50% at a dose of 0.2 mg / kg player [19], unfortunately the effect is much weaker for the injection version of the agent,
liver toxicity, depending on the length of the cycle and dose and the use of other SAAs (especially Dianabol, Anapolon),
potential kidney toxicity, possible damage to renal tubules,
possible cholestatic jaundice,
“Drying” of joints, due to lack of aromatization, risk of injury,
change in blood lipid profile, increase in LDL, decrease in HDL, risk to heart and circulatory system,
increase in hematocrit; note: the phenomenon is much more intensified in men over 60 years of age!
inhibition of testosterone production in the testicles, blockage of the HPTA axis, effect on LH and FSH,
weight increase
temporary or permanent infertility,
acne, oily skin,
hair loss, alopecia.
The website administrator considers the phenomenon of doping and the use of unauthorized substances in sport, as well as against medical recommendations, as extremely reprehensible, dishonest and immoral. Any information contained in articles on doping and pharmacology may not be considered or serve as instruction. The content of articles presents only collected information on the above topic. The use of doping carries the risk of losing health and in many cases even losing life.




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