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Testosterone Propionate from Sis Labs sole in a 10ml bottle at a concentration of 100mg / ml.

Testosterone is probably the most popular steroid in the world, a lot has already been written about it, here we describe the so-called short testosterone, i.e. fast acting.

The short ester has a much faster effect than enathat or cypionate.

Testosterone Propionate – effects
The effects after it are visible almost immediately, the half-life is 48 hours and it seems to me that the only downside of propionate is that it must inject quite often to maintain adequate blood levels.

Another of its advantages is that, unlike other testosterones, there is not so much water retention, which reduces the risk of gynecomastia compared to cypionate or enana.

Propionate is recommended in cycles for sculpture and its mixing with other means is a matter of choice and experience of the person receiving it.

The cycle with the use of propionate usually lasts up to 8 weeks.

Testosterone propionate 10 ml
The offered product belongs to one of the most popular steroids on the market, the operation of which has been confirmed in many studies. Not one athlete can also testify to how much testosterone has helped him achieve the perfect figure, as well as the development of muscle tissue. What you can buy here is colloquially called “fast testosterone”. This name comes from the fact that this steroid belongs to the group of very fast acting. On the other hand, it is eliminated from the body quite quickly. Pharmaceutical companies report that it disappears from our body after about 28-30 hours. This means that it is best to use the product approximately every two days. In some cases, however, a slightly more frequent administration is recommended due to the very short half-life. We will achieve our goals quickly and easily thanks to rational dosing.

Testosterone propionate
Like other types of testosterone, testosterone propionate helps athletes build their figure and achieve their goals. Due to the fact that it is removed relatively quickly, it is practically impossible to accumulate excessively. This affects the fact that it is recommended for people who are struggling with the problem of water retention in the body while doing muscle mass. The use of this steroid can therefore avoid unnecessary problems with the side effects of using these types of agents. You no longer have to worry about proper hydration and excretion of accumulated fluids, because testosterone propionate does not affect deregulation of the kidneys and does not cause changes in the hormonal economy, affecting the amount of water in the body. As the offered product is a “quick measure”, its use is allowed for both experienced and beginner bodybuilders. Of course, it also finds application in other sports. Each of the athletes will know best when the demand for this hormone will be greatest.

Propionate belongs to the hormones that are dissolved in oil and must be injected to receive them. The only downside to this remedy is the injection frequency itself. It is recommended about every two days, but sometimes, especially in the pre-competition period, or when you want to quickly build a good muscle mass, it should be done every day. At the same time, however, blood testosterone should be monitored.

Testosterone propionate – what to use?
Despite the fact that this agent is removed from the body very quickly, especially when compared to other hormones, there is a risk of accumulation of large amounts of water. This is not a good sign for any human being, especially since it can affect many other organs. What’s more, it is a sign of a disorder in your body’s hormone management, which usually has other consequences. However, this is not a problem. It is enough to dose zinc properly to get rid of the problem. Many people have been able to cope with excessive water accumulation in this way.

Another case in which every athlete would like to use several preparations at once is the competition period. It is then that muscles need a lot of substances to help them develop, but also protective. Human muscles are constructed in such a way that they are able to withstand a very heavy load, but this is not without any consequences for them. It is this issue that causes so much bodybuilders care for their body. Most often Propionate is used with Tanozolol and Trenbolone. Some add growth hormone to this mix. This combination guarantees the best muscle protection. Testosterone Propionate is used in conjunction with a strict diet and exhausting workouts. Appropriate preparations, however, allow you to prevent injuries and overload, so that the bodybuilder can enjoy a perfect figure and quick results.



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